A little-known distillery situated in an area known as the Foggie Moss, between Keith and Buckie, the name derives from Allt Mhor, the Gaelic for ‘Big River.’ The district is sparsely populated with a lot of rolling farmland, and the hamlet of Aultmore only came about when the distillery was built. The Aultmore 12 years old showcases the fresh, grassy signature style of this distillery.

Pale gold with lime lights; vin gris. Fresh and ‘green’; malty and yeasty, with notes of wheat beer, giving way to mossy herbal scents and to fresh apples and pear-drops with water. A light texture and a clean, sweet, slightly acidic taste at full strength, becoming softer and rounded with water.

Fresh and vivacious, this is the Aultmore 12 years old.

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