If we learned anything from our Viking ancestors, it is that intensity is a virtue. With this in mind, Gordon Motion, the Master Whisky Maker, hand-selected almost identical quantities of first-fill sherry seasoned European Oak casks, first-fill sherry seasoned American oak casks and refill casks in this rare celebration of balanced intensity.

Created from just 15 casks, the first-fill casks impart the most prominent characteristics on to the whisky. The European oak casks bring vibrant spices and dried fruit while the American oak casks dial up the vanilla and citrus notes. This 21-Year-Old August 2019 Release is an incredibly intense yet balanced whisky.

Gingerbread, pineapple, softly salty wafts of sea air and dried peat earthiness. Palate: Vanilla builds on the palate, paired with salted butter, raisins, stem ginger and old oak. Finish: Baked orchard fruit, slightly flinty, dried herbs and coffee beans.

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