For the first time since its creation in 1981, Lee Broom, one of the most respected creative talents in the UK has paid tribute to the iconic Rémy Martin XO glass decanter. Lee Broom is one of London’s top product designers and an eponymous brand recognized all over the globe as one of the most prestigious British design Houses.

This collaboration came naturally thank to the synergy between two brands – seamless perfection, uniqueness, heritage and craft yet still modern and contemporary.

The designer injects the iconic XO decanter with a distinctive edge by carving hundreds of fine ‘starburst’ cuts into the indents of its solar shape. Each cut symbolizes one of the many eaux-de-vie within the Rémy Martin XO blend. Inspired by icicles, they not only amplify the radiance and opulence of the blend, but the fabulous array of aromas revealed with the addition of a single ice cube too.

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