Characterized by its pineapple-like aroma and flavor, it has received high acclaim from Michelin-starred
chefs and sommeliers at five-star hotels.The name of the sake, TAKANOME,’ which means ‘hawk’seye,’ embodies the desire to perceive things from a high vantage point like a hawk.

The pasteurization is conducted using water heated to 63-65 degrees Celsius to sterilize the contents, which is then cooled down to about 18 degrees using well water before being refrigerated to refine the flavor.

In maintaining TAKANOME’s hallmark “fruity aroma and flavor” and “delicate texture,” rapid cooling is essential during pasteurization.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Subtle scents of tropical fruits.

Flavor: Delicate sweetness of pineapple unfolds on the palate.
Creating a perfect harmony with a refreshing acidity and a robust presence of

Rice: 100% Yamada Nishiki from Yamaguchi Prefecture

Alcohol Content: 16%

Volume: 720ml

Manufacturer: Hatsumomiji

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