Cabernet Sauvignon Friuli Grave Doc grown from the particular soil of alluvial origin, calcareous, characterized by the great presence of minerals, clay and sandy sediments, is a wine with important qualities capable of striking the senses in an immediate distinguishable manner. Intense ruby red caresses the nose with a fresh bouquet that recalls blackcurrants, blackberries, mulberries and field violets, and enchants the palate with a full and well harmonized taste, which combines pleasant tannic notes and a slight acidity.

In terms of recommended pairings, certain dishes with a strong flavour can be indicated, especially meats such as game, roasted venison loin with apple sauce, jugged hare and lamb chops, but it also goes well with lentil soups and legumes in general and hard cheeses.

Country : Italy | Region : Friuli Grave

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