The Merlot Friuli Grave Doc is a red wine that certainly draws an essential part of its quality from the particular soil in which it is grown. In the western area of the Doc Grave, in the municipality of Azzano Decimo, characterized by a soil with an important geomorphological history, of alluvial origin, calcareous, rich in minerals and affected by a clayey component veined with sandy sediments.

This extraordinary start-value is followed by meticulous processing, which leads this excellent grape to become a wine, with a typical ruby red color, which certainly cannot be forgotten once tasted. If the harmonic delicacy placidly caresses the palate during the sip, the pleasantly acidic connotation of Merlot – Friuli Grave Doc allows the latter to release a significant aromatic persistence on the palate.

Country : Italy | Region : Friuli Grave

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